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Review: Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity #1) by Nalini Singh

Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity #1) by Nalini Singh
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Silver Silence by Nalini Singh blurb

Nalini Singh is brilliant. Silver Silence will tear you apart. It is filled with so much heart, emotion, and love, coupled with tragedy, disaster and intrigue that it will bring you to tears. In short, this book is stunningly spectacular.

As I write this review, I am suffering from one of the worst book hangovers I've experienced in a long time. I can't move on. I have been going back and re-reading parts of the book that have stood out to me, touched my heart in a particular way because I want to experience that emotional rush all over again. After having re-read a certain part 3 times, it still doesn't get old.

I am loving this new post-Silence world which Ms Singh is creating. It has become a complex living organism with many players and moving parts. The Psy, changeling and human politics as all three races learn to cooperate and live together in harmony and trust is fascinating.

Aside from loving this world, Ms Singh also creates characters I love. I adore the Psy-changeling pairings because they are so diametrically different. Valentin is just about the cuddliest, growliest, cutest hero ever. I adore Valentin. He's big, adorable and unapologetic. And he's beary good. I loved all the beary characteristic Ms Singh included in not only Valentin but also the bear clean. From the adorable, cuddly bear cubs and little gangsters, to the growly, lovable adults. But Valentin stands out as alpha of the StoneWater clan. His big love for his clan, his broad shoulders as he carries the weight of the entire clan on them. There's loss and tragedy and sadness too, and Valentin handles that with so much love and care, it will bring tears to your eyes. And most of his, his relentless pursuit of his Starlight. Valentin is persistent, "sneaky like a cat" and so damned adorable in his courtship of Silver that you can't help but love him and want Silver to fall for him pronto because you're falling for him too.

Silver is an awesome heroine. She is razor sharp, extremely competent but she also has heart. While she is Silent, she has not been conditioned negatively for it because of her upbringing in the Mercant family. Family is everything and in that both her and Valentin share a common ideology. I loved Silver's transition from Silent to feeling. She rises to a challenge from Valentin and once there, there's no going back. Silver is such a strong heroine it is impossible to not love her. I loved that even when she became a feeling person she retained her sharpness and her strong will. Becoming feeling and emotional didn't weaken her. It made her *more*.

I loved the Russian setting of this story too. Ms Singh peppered the entire book with Russian endearments and phrases, and I loved everyone of them. Each time Valentin referred to Silver as "moy solnyshko" it was a delight. I also loved the pet names the bear clan members had for each other. Pavel was Pasha, Yakov was Yasha. I loved the sense of intimacy and familiarity these pet names brought to the people I grew to know and love as the story progressed.

This is another stunning installment to the Psy-changeling series. I can't wait for the next one.

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  1. Oh Deanna

    What a fantastic review I need to catch up on this series and very soon I too love Ms Singh's stories she has a magical voice 😀

    Have Fun


    1. Helen, Nalini's writing just keeps getting better and better. Would be great if you caught up with her books. I think you'd enjoy them.

  2. I think every one of yall I've seen has loved this one hard. One day I'll have to get back to her.

    1. It's those dang bear shifters. They are so bloody cute.

  3. It's easy to see that you really got into this one Deanna with a 5 star rating. It's been awhile since I read a paranormal, and loved your review! Hugs...

  4. I started reading the Psy-Changeling series and then stopped after a couple of books. Maybe I should pick the series back up.