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Author Showcase: Juliette Cross

Greetings!!! I have the pleasure of bringing you another Author Showcase and this time it's with the lovely and talented Juliette Cross. Juliette is no stranger to the bloggity since I've read and reviewed a number of her books but she's got some exciting things happening on the book front and I wanted her to share what's coming soon. Please give Juliette a very warm welcome.

As a professed paranormal addict (who plans never to recover) I thought it might be interesting to delve into why I chose paranormal and fantasy romance as a writer over other genres. Kind of like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter, I feel quite like it chose me rather than the other way around. I believe this is true for all writers, quite frankly.


So, what is the great appeal about paranormal and fantasy romance? Besides the inevitable tall, dark, and deadly leading man with supernatural powers, that is. I could say “escapism” or “entertainment,” but those are truths that hold for all books. Even nonfiction carries us away from our own reality into another. Let us dig a layer deeper, shall we?

When I was young, I remember watching the old black and white version of Jane Eyre with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles and being utterly enraptured. I can still clearly hear Orson’s booming voice, calling out in desperation for his beloved “Jane!” After seeing the film, I immediately found myself a copy of the book and fell madly in love with the novel—the Gothic setting of Thornfield, the haunted howls in the night, the dark and brooding Mr. Rochester, the mystery in the attic, the steadfast and true character of Jane, and of course the happily ever after. And while the paranormal elements are fleeting but essential to the story, it has always been this kind of tale that could lure me in, capture my heart, and keep it for days, weeks, months later. So it is no wonder that I often seek to spin stories of a dark and wounded hero, a tenacious heroine, and a haunting setting that appeals to my Goth heart.


Yes, I read contemporaries and romantic thrillers and adventurous historicals—all of which feed my romantic appetite. I truly adore every kind of romance. But when it comes down to it, my deep love of stories with magical possibility and with strong heroines and dark heroes who find redemption and love by story’s end will always reign when I long for a book to read…or one to write.

Thank you for having me on the blog today, Deanna. It’s always a pleasure to be here.

And now for a sneak peek at Juliette's upcoming book, Dragon in the Blood.


Dragon in the Blood
Vale of Stars #2
By: Juliette Cross
Coming Soon in 2016


While all seems quiet in Gladium Province, the Morgon Guard—the global justice force for the dragon hybrid race—knows their enemy is rebuilding its forces in the underground.

Valla Moonring, an assassin for an order of the Morgon Guard, is ordered to lead an expedition through the Wastelands of Aria, a formidable, icy wilderness fraught with all manner of dangers, including outlaws, deadly weather, and big-game predators.

To her great distaste, she’s partnered with a Nightwing Security operative, Conn Rowanflame, a Morgon with the aggravating ability to get under her skin. While she takes her mission seriously, Conn’s confident charm throws her off balance, a dangerous place to be in conditions like these. Especially when cold nights require close contact.

Sensual attraction binds them ever closer, igniting a passion of unexpected force—soulfire. But when the hunters become the hunted, their bond could prove perilous. Even fatal…

Isn't this map of Aria stunning? I love maps like these. They remind me of those high fantasy stories I used to read when I was a young'un.


From Valla's POV ...

    And what was with all the scowling over breakfast? We kissed. So what? Did he think I planned to force him into a relationship or something? That was a mistake—a delicious, heart-pounding mistake—that wouldn’t be repeated. No matter what he said about my beast wanting to play with his. I could resist the smoldering, sex-wielding Conn Rowanflame if I wanted to.
    Conn slowed his descent as treetops came into view beyond the fading mist, which had thinned to nearly nothing in the past hour. Whipping open my wings, I landed softly on the hard ground among a grove of evergolds. Even in this frozen tundra, the giants famous for their flora of fire-gold leaves, grew in abundance—tall and thick-branched. I lifted my visor to a brilliant burst of color contrasted against the brown earth and snow-swept embankments.
    Bowen landed quietly behind me. “How about some lunch before we set out on foot?” He removed and tucked away his visor, unpacking his crossbow from its sheath on his back for the first time on this journey.
    “Let’s get into the cover of trees,” said Conn, moving along the natural path. “And lunch sounds perfect.”
    “Benta’s breakfast wasn’t enough for you?” I asked, meeting his long stride.
    “I always have an appetite, sweetheart.”
    “While you two continue flirting, I’ll find some small game nearby. Set up the hotpad over near that big evergold.”
    Without a sound, Bowen disappeared into the trees.
    “Flirting?” I scoffed. “I wasn’t flirting.”
    “I was.” Conn grinned.
    “Stop it.”
    “I haven’t even gotten started yet.”
    “You’re infuriating.”
    “So you’ve said before.”
    “Listen—” I put up both gloved hands to stop his snarky banter for just one second. “I’m glad we’re finally alone.”
    “Me too.” His lopsided grin made my heart flutter.
    Exhaling a frustrated sigh, I stopped under a thick oak with ample coverage from above and unhooked my chestpack, dropping it to the ground. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about…about last night.”
    “Mmm. Last night.”
    He removed his own pack and gloves, unzipping and pulling out the small, electronic hotpad. Opening the tripod that kept it off the ground, he turned it on. Gisa ordered us to use the hotpad instead of fire when we were in the open to avoid alerting predators or criminals of our presence.
    Conn stood and propped his hands low on his hips. “Would you like a second round?”
    “No…no.” I cleared my throat and shook my head, my ponytail sliding on the smooth leather of my jacket. “Actually, that should never have happened. As the senior officer, I shouldn’t have let that happen. But I—”
    “Couldn’t resist,” he finished, a devilish smile brimming his beautiful face. “It’s okay. It happens a lot.”
    “You’re such an ass.” I rolled my eyes. “I could’ve resisted.”
    “Could you?”
    He broke his rigid stance and sauntered closer, a feral glimmer in his gaze. By instinct, I backed up a step, my wings scraping the rough bark of the evergold behind me. He moved farther into my personal space.
    “What are you doing?” I asked, heart hammering.
    He flattened one hand against the tree above my head, his finger grazing the arch of my wing. I shivered.
    “Are you sure you could resist?”
    I cleared my throat. “Of course,” I said, trying to sound confident, but my voice betrayed me and broke.
    “Well…I couldn’t.” He brushed the back of his knuckles along my jaw. I held still, caught. “Actually, I want to taste you again. Right now.”
    Even stone-cold sober, I felt drunk from a single touch, longing to fall back into his arms and let him show me what his hazel-gold eyes promised without a word. He leaned close to my ear, warm breath grazing.
    “Let me taste you again, Valla.”
    I planted my hands on his chest, wishing there weren’t the layers of thermal suit and leather between my palms and his rock-hard chest. He nuzzled the shell of my ear with his nose, then his lips.
    “Let me.”
    His darkened voice pleaded and demanded at the same time, spreading warmth straight between my legs. What had gotten into me? I pushed him out of my way and stormed toward a densely wooded area.
    “Where are you going?” he laughed. “Running away?”
    “I’ve gotta go to the bathroom,” I yelled over my shoulder.
    “Not by yourself, you’re not.” His footsteps crunched across the thin blanket of snow and leaves behind me.
    I whirled, heat burning up my neck, now from anger not lust.
    “Whoa, there, big boy.” I threw up a hand, halting him several feet away. “Look. You’re not my keeper. And just because we shared one kiss doesn’t mean anything. I’m going to relieve myself, by myself. Do you understand?”
    His wings twitched at his back. Agitated. Whatever.
    “And stop scowling at me,” I called back as I spun and trekked off the path into the brush.

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About the author

Juliette CrossJuliette calls lush, moss-laden Louisiana home where the landscape curls into her imagination, creating mystical settings for her stories. She has a B.A. in creative writing from Louisiana State University, a M.Ed. in gifted education, and was privileged to study under the award-winning author Ernest J. Gaines in grad school. Her love of mythology, legends, and art serve as constant inspiration for her works. From the moment she read JANE EYRE as a teenager, she fell in love with the Gothic romance--brooding characters, mysterious settings, persevering heroines, and dark, sexy heroes. Even then, she not only longed to read more novels set in Gothic worlds, she wanted to create her own.

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    2. Ooooooh I am so excited for this book. And even more excited to meet the great JC next month in Vegas!!!! I am like you and love my UF and PNR and escaping into paranormal and fantastical worlds.

    3. I love anything paranormal too. It's one of my favorite genres to read. :-) I'm so jealous you get to meet JC next month. Give her a big hug for me.

  2. Yay, Bambi! I am, too. Vegas is going to be awesome! And I'm happy to know a likeminded pair of PNR lovers like you gals. XO