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Author Showcase: Morgan Kelley (with exclusive cover reveal of Dark Elements)

Big welcome to my inaugural 2016 Author Showcase, featuring the awesome Morgan Kelley. I'm so excited to have Morgan on my blog today.

She's not only a fantastic author but a great person to boot. And that work ethic ... Morgan is a machine. She publishes at least a book a month and I know for a fact she's got 12 books lined up to release in 2016. That's a book a month!!! She sure does know how to keep her fans happy.

For today's treat, not only is Morgan here to talk about herself, her January release but we also get a never seen before, exclusive cover reveal of a new series she is working on. How exciting is that?

Now on to the cover reveal ...


Welcome to the exclusive cover reveal of Dark Elements. A new seven book series by Morgan Kelley.

Dark Elements: The Coven Chronicles

Morgana Thorne lives in the dark.
Her whole life, she has been tasked with protecting her kind and the humans around her. It's her calling as the priestess. She holds the circle intact, ready to defend anyone against that evil that lurks.

Well, the time has come.

The coven has been recalled by the powers that be, set into action by a grizzly string of murders in a ritual sacrifice. It's the beginning of the end for the world. As everything begins falling apart, it's also falling into place.
Love can protect them. 
Before Morgana can even think about saving the humans, she needs to save herself. Her human is out there. He's waiting to be claimed. All she has to do is...

Convince him to believe.
Protect him from the evil that wants them dead.
Cast the recalling spell to bring them all home.

It's all so daunting.
With her companion, a shape shifting familiar, Morgana has one chance to stop the soul demon from destroying the natural balance of their world.
That one chance seems so slim...

All Morgana can hope is Detective Devon Hawthorne is ready for what's coming. They are marked as mates, and he has to be willing to take that chance.
He has to believe.

If they fail, it's not only their lives on the line.

They will lose all of humanity.


Wasn't that great? The cover is gorgeous too!!! Here's more about Morgan ...

sauI’m Morgan Kelley, and I kill people for a living. As of today, I have 41 released full-length novels. They have all spun off one book, The Killing Times. It started my journey. Currently, I have 7 series going at once, and I release around 11 to 12 books a year. Most of my friends, who are authors, tell me I’m crazy, but I simply love my job. More books mean more smiles, and that’s my goal in life. To me, there is nothing better than a big, fat book in my hands. I don’t do serials or chapter books, because I simply can’t do it. I like to take my fans on a wild ride, and that can’t be done in less than five hundred pages.

I love FBI/police thrillers. I have a degree in Criminal Psych, and I love how the human mind works. There is nothing more fascinating to me, than watching the intricacies of a case unfold. You pull back all the layers, and hidden in them, you find the crimes, the killer, and the reason the person snapped. I love every second of it. As to date, I haven’t reused a method of killing, but eventually, as my book tally grows, I may have to do it. I’ve burned, hung, stabbed, and maimed. In a few of my wilder books, I’ve used a cannibal, a devil worshiper, and someone burying victims alive. There is ALWAYS a twist of some sort in my books. I like to make the reader think they know what’s going to happen, only to rip the carpet out from beneath them. It’s my signature.
I think my readers like it, or at least I hope so.

As a writer, I started out with a publisher, and I hated it. As soon as my contract was up, I left to be an Indie author. I like the freedom. I like to be able to release 6000 pages a year and not have to be told I can’t do it. Writing is my passion, my life, and my dream—and I get to live it every day. I am blessed. If you like sexy men, strong women, and that kick to your heart when the fear level goes up, I just may be your girl.

Much love, mayhem, and murder,

And for Morgan's January release, coming on January 8th, 2016 ...


Oracle Rising
Oracle / The Phoenix Files #1
By: Morgan Kelley
Releasing January 8, 2016
Amazon Digital Services Inc.

Buy Links:  Amazon 


Contains sexual content, violence, and language. Romantic/erotic thriller.

For years, she was a prisoner, locked away and used as nothing more than a tool for the government. Now, thanks to people who love her, she is free. Avalon Miller isn’t hostage to her gift. As far as the world is concerned, she died by her father’s hands.

Only, hiding isn’t her plan.

She’s going to give back.

With the team who swore to protect her, she has a mission. It’s to help those like her when they have no one else to save them. No longer is she the tool, she’s the salvation. Avalon Miller has a quest and nothing will keep her from it.

Salvation is the game, and she’s willing to break the rules.

With Nathaniel Carter, Maura and Lucas Mars, and Jagger Armstrong, they are out there, moving through the shadows to save the hunted.

The people they save are The Phoenix Files, and these are their stories…

Juliett Deveraux has a gift. She helps people cross from life to death. She’s an empath, and she loves being able to soothe dying patients’ fears. Only, she can’t do her job as of late. There’s a voice in her head, and he’s stalking her.

No, make that hunting her.

He wants her dead, and she’s terrified. As she runs, thinking she’s getting away, Juliett runs right for the danger.

And straight into Rhett Longfellow’s arms.

Is he a sinner or a saint?

Is he life or death?

To make it worse, there’s another voice in her head, and the woman called Oracle is tracking her too. She’s afraid. Who should she trust?

Can salvation really be in her future?

Or is the man killing women, and now after her, going to be her ultimate demise.
Time will tell if she lives or goes up in flames.

New from Bestselling Author Morgan Kelley comes a new series spun off from her Carter Chronicle series!

Oracle Rising-- January 2016
Oracle Seeing-- September 2016



I am Oracle.
      You don’t know me, but I see you. It’s my job to wander the night, seeking those who need my help. I can slip into your dreams, find your fears, and keep you safe. Don’t be afraid. It’s what I was born to do.
      I am a ghost.
      I was forged in the belly of the governmental beast, and I was given life by the people who called out my name. I exist to help you. I am here to beat back the demons that chase you, threatening to pull you under.
      I am your safety net.
      You aren’t alone, and neither am I.
      I am only one of a team.
      Nathaniel Carter, Director for the FBI, is the love of my life. He has sworn to protect and serve, and he’s doing just that. It isn't my life he’s only concerned with, but yours too. He’s the one man I trust to always have my back.
      He’s powerful, strong, and knows my job is important. Nathaniel is my greatest ally in the fight for your life and soul. When you call for me, he’ll be by my side.
      Maura Gaines-Mars is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a military badass with a great propensity to love. She’s quick, smart, and willing to sacrifice it all to do the job.
      She won’t let you down.
      I promise.
      Then there is Lucas Mars. On the outside, he looks like he rolled off the beach, but underneath it all, he’s a cop to the core. Don’t let his laughter fool you.
      He’s tough.
      He focuses.
      He’s going to watch your back, and mine too.
      I don’t creep alone in the night. I have one more person on my side. Captain Jagger Armstrong is many things, but he’s known for his military background. He’s killed for our government, and now he’s going to serve and protect. He may not say much, but know that he’s watching, waiting, and ready to step in to help save you.
      We all are.
      When you feel like no one else is out there.
      When you believe you’re alone.
      Know that we’re waiting. When the time comes, I’ll know your name, and we’ll move. We won’t let you fall.
      We won’t let you die.
      I’m Oracle, and you’re now part of my life. You, my scared friend, are part of the phoenix files, and destined to cross my path.
      When that happens, know one thing to be true.
      We will save you.
      No matter what…

Check out some of these titles by Morgan too

About the author

authorMorgan Kelley lives in the beautiful Pocono Mountains with her husband and two children. After attending college at Penn State University and studying Criminal Justice, Morgan knew her only true passion in life would be murder and books.  She put them both together and began her career as a writer.  Other than books and writing, you can find Morgan hanging out in her garden and digging in the dirt.

Her other works include: The Junction, Serial Sins, The Blood Betrayal, The Killing Times (1), Sacred Burial Grounds (2), True Love Lost (3), Deep Dark Mire (4), Fire Burns Hot (5), Darkness of Truth (6), Devil Hath Come (7), Consumed by Wrath (8), Redemption is Here (9), Dead Shall Speak (10), Pledging to Die (11),  Slay Bells Ring (12), Past will Haunt (13), Choices will Destroy (14), Blood Red Rage (1) Lost & Broken (2), Unthinkable Games (3), Truth is Found (4), Haven of Nightmares (5), Celestia is Falling (1), Vegas is Dying (2), Christmas is Killing (3), Love is Bleeding (4), Heaven is Weeping (5), Hell is Burning (6), Justice is Dead (7), Dangerous Revelations (1), Dangerous Choices (2), Dangerous Misery (3), Dangerous Retaliation (4), Sinner Repent (1), Sinner Realized (2), Sinner Reborn (3), Oracle Rising (1), Illegal Fantasies (Anthology 1), Romance Under Arrest (Anthology 2), and Holiday Reinforcements (Anthology 3)

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