Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Having trouble getting back into it

A lot of you know that I've been on a diet of late, or rather, I was on a diet, then I went on vacation and I was only on a semi diet.

Now I'm back to work and the real world and I'm finding that I am having trouble getting right back into my diet.

I'm not doing anything crazy, but I'm also not back to my strict calorie counting and dieting. I've been sneaking in a morning snack, and this morning, I even had toast with butter!!

It's just been hard in the last week or so getting back into a regular routine of dieting.

I've also been afraid to step on the scales, in case I have put weight back on!!

That said, while on vacation, I did not put on any weight and just maintained. I think the beloved even managed to lose a pound or two while we were away.

So far, I'm stalled at the original 2 or 3 lbs that I had lost and it's not going anywhere. I really need to get back into my 1300 calories or less days in order to get the weight loss going again.

The beloved has done beautifully. He has lost about 12 lbs now and it is showing on his face and his body. I am so proud of him for doing so well.

There's not much else to this post. Just wanted to say I'm struggling with the diet and hoping that writing this would help me just start my determination.

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