Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dieting sucks but I press on

I'm on the third day of my diet and well, it's not that much fun.

I am finding myself totally focused on food and what I eat and what I put in my mouth. I keep thinking about food and eating. It's almost an obsession. Very odd. I think the calorie counting and tracking everything I eat will do that to me.

I have weighed myself two days in a row and I really should not do that. It only recommends that I weigh myself once a week. Of course, after two days, there was no change. Color me disappointed. :-(

That said, I know this is a slow process.

When I had to lost quite a bit of weight about 4 years ago, it took about 18 months to lose 17 lbs. That was a long time. I was only losing about 0.5 lbs or 1 lb a month, but the weight stayed off for quite a long time after that.

So, slow is good. I just need to be patient.

Last night, after dinner, the beloved had a Kit Kat bar, which we worked out was about 900+ calories. I had an apple, which was 45 calories. I was feeling rather righteous about that. :-)

I also had about 295 calories leftover which I didn't consume yesterday. I could have had a small dessert or a piece of chocolate, but I didn't. Need to pat myself on the back about that. It's so easy to succumb to naughty eating.

This weekend we're going to the fresh food market and stocking up on apples.

Right now, I've just had my 11am breakfast bar and a large cup of black coffee. The breakfast bar has 226 calories and black coffee has no calories (hooray!!!).

I wonder how long I have to go before I start to see some progress? Progress is good. Progress is encouraging. I'm looking forward to progress.

If I fall off the wagon, remind me that I need to get back on it. :-)

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