Rating System

My Rating System:
I give honest book reviews.  I post both the good and the bad on my blog and Goodreads.  That being said, if you have asked me to review your book, I feel privileged to have the opportunity and don't want either one of us to feel bad if the content does not agree with me.  So, if I just can't get into the book (and I always try to make it through the first few chapters before I give up), I will email you and let you know that it didn't work for me and why. If that happens, I may or may not write a review with no rating on Goodreads and a DNF on the blog. This is rare. I will not waste your time as an author and my time as well, if something does not work for me.

5 Stars:
(BREATHTAKING) This book is breathtaking, amazing, absolutely awesome, and a must read. I will recommend it to all my friends. And if the book can make me cry, it deserves this rating too.

4 Stars:
(GREAT) This book was great. I enjoyed it a great deal and I will recommend it to my friends.

3 Stars:
(GOOD) Good book and still recommendable to my friends.

2 Stars:
(OK) This book was ok. I finished it but it did not make me want to read the next one in the series or more of the author. 
(DNF+) Or I did not finish it because the content was not for me (like if it had rape, for example), but the writing was not bad.
Note: I have added a DNF+ 2 star rating because I do not feel an author warrants a 1 star review simply because I do not agree with the content. A lot of other people might like the themes in the same book. It's just not for me. If the writing is good the extra star reflects it. You will mostly see this in my Goodreads ratings and also in my posts of books I did not finish.

1 Star: 
(DNF) I did not like the book. I struggled to finish it and it made me ranty. It was poorly written with multiple grammatical and other errors. It was not edited properly and was very difficult to read because of multiple errors that jumped out at me.

0 Star:
I really did not like this book and I did not finish it. It made me super ranty and all my friends heard about it. I no longer give a zero star rating because I feel that every book should have some sort of rating and a no star rating is ambiguous. I think all books should have a rating.

Heat Rating:
Because I read mainly in the romance genre, I like to know what kind of heat/steam/sultry sex factor a book has.  For that reason, I also give books a heat rating based on how sexy they are.

5 Flames:
Flame  Flame  Flame  Flame  Flame
Lots and lots and lots of sex. Probably sex in every chapter. Multiple partners, BDSM or backdoor sex. 
4 Flames:
Flame  Flame  Flame  Flame
Steamy sex (somewhat kinky or descriptive). 
3 Flames:
Flame  Flame  Flame
More plot than sex, but it happens once or twice. 
2 Flames:
Flame  Flame
One sex scene mostly behind closed doors (without much description). 
1 Flame:
No sex at all, but may have kissing, sexual tension or innuendo. 
No heat:
no heat
Mostly young adult, with little to no sexual tension, some basic attraction. Absolutely no sex.

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